Deception Pass State Park

This is going to feel very, and I mean very, anti-climactic. I mean doing Deception Pass second seems like a joke. Anyone who knows about big attractions in our state of Washington knows about Deception Pass State Park; It’s right there with Pikes Place, Mt. Rainier, Space Needle and ofcourse Forks. I do feel alittle sadness come to me by putting Forks on that list, but Twilight did just that didn’t it? Enough about things familiar! Lets talk about the complexity and awesomeness that is Deception Pass State Park. The first thing you’ll notice and be drawn to is the bridge. Its old, its famous, and it makes you want to vomit when you walk across it. But the best part about it, is being able to go on the island that supports the two bridges. It’s a complex structure of steel and definitely a man-made marvel. Take time to wander this plot of land.

Complex Steel

Now it was just a bit of bad luck to be camping there on the tail end of winter in 50 mile an hour winds. That thankfully did not stop the beauty of the park from shining for us. Infact the wind enhanced the experience and brought wonderful tears of joy to our faces. This is ofcourse not true. The tears came from the wind blowing in our faces and making us squint like a mad scientist in a lab. It didn’t impede our progress to find fascinating things to snap pictures of. Best part about the wind was the awesome and powerful waves crashing in the rocky surf.

Tree Bottom

There is a nifty little beach that sits at the foot of the bridge for those who like to lounge about like lifeless beach rocks, and it is just long enough to take the breath out of your lungs if you go for the full walk down its breadth. It handles some pretty good angles of the bridge for pictures, and while we were there some crazy surfers tried to even catch a wave. It was pathetic to watch them in full wetsuit regalia trying to ride a 6 foot wave, but they did succeed, and their smiles showed they really didn’t care about the lack of heated water or the tiny waves. It also gave me a chance to be amused about the idea of a surfer in Washington. I say this in lightness though, as I do have a friend that enjoys the sadomasochism of surfing in Washington. Kudos to you Jesse.

The bridge


As you can see we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous sunset. It was pink, blue, and splattered the entire sky. For a forecast of 90% chance of rain we really got the best case scenario out of the trip. Likely this is one of those State Parks that will get a revisit long before this whole project is wrapped up. It is a gem of the Northwest, and is inconceivable of a person in Washington to never get out and see this incredible landscape. Book your reservation now, or you’ll be missing out on some summer camping. And what if you miss a sunset like this!!!!


Conclusion: I think I already concluded my statement in the last paragraph. But here is the official standing: 5 out of 5 for sure. Stay the night at this park. You won’t regret it.

Waves Crashing

~Me. Greedy


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