Jackson House State Park

This place is split between the idea of a State Park and Historical Marker. The sign does say it is managed by the State Parks, and my GPS said it was too. So we stopped and marvelled at this little cabin and milked it for all it was worth. I even took the time to read all the signs posting about its significance to my historical ancestry. Shockingly I found no connection to this being part of my actual ancestry, and considering I never met any of my great-great grandparents I could actually be completely wrong.


The bad news for you, or good news if you’re a half empty kind of person and want to keep it that way, is that I can’t really recall what any of the signs said. There are two possible explanations for this. One, I didn’t focus my razor-sharp memory skills while I was reading. Or two, I spent far to many weeks since I actually visited the site and writing this review. Since I would never blame my memory of lacking I’ll go ahead and say my wife didn’t remind me what they said. Sidenote: The cabin is made of wood.


Since that definitely threw you off what I did there I’d like to mention that there is a small picnic area next to the house. It is mostly a Come-here-and-watch-your-dog-poo kind of park spot, as it is smaller than a football field, and of course that being said means there are no cheerleaders present either. This means you should bring your own entertainment.


Conclusion: 2 out of 5. It would be a three star place for a lunch break IF it was not right next to Highway 12, so it is VERY noisy here. This park is only about 5 miles from Lewis and Clark State Park. This means stop here on the way to Lewis and Clark State Park so you don’t feel bad about the 5 minutes you spent reading and gazing. However, if you make this your prime destination, I’m afraid you’ll end up cursing about the time wasted and the gas guzzled.


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