Kanaskat Palmer State Park

We set out to find Black Diamond Bridge State Park on Google Maps and instead ended up at Kanaskat Palmer State Park. The other, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have an entrance. If you find it put it in my comments please. These state parks, along with several others in the area are the result of Green River Recreation being broken into state parks. Which is maybe why the other doesn’t have an entrance yet, it may have one in the future, or it could be that it is only accessible by using the river itself. Either way, this is about Kanaskat Palmer and not Black Diamond Bridge.

Now that we have that exhausting explanation out-of-the-way. What is the first thing you’ll notice about Kanaskat Palmer? Moss. There are acres and acres of it. This park must be in a rainforest like zone. It was gorgeous and a delight to behold. There is definitely something magical about the moss in Washington. I’ll likely miss it when we start venturing east to see the parks on the otherside of the mountains. It also helped we were there before the sun really started shining, so human punishment hadn’t been a factor in the viewing.



This park is really designed around a few ideologies. One: Picnic. Two: River play. Three: Using it as a launch for kayakers setting down the river to the gorge. We saw a pack of people gearing up to make the trek, and after some Yahoo-ing… (That sounds much worse than googling, and even alittle dirty huh?) I discovered that this is indeed their intent. I wouldn’t say you need a kayak to enjoy the river though. The river is good-sized and probably a blast in summer time. We were there during a mini flood so staying to the bank was really our only option for enjoyment. It should be said you can camp here as well, and it does have a spacious zone for it; privacy is better than “normal” here.


There is something gratifying in photographing raindrops, and it seems to be my wife’s newest obsession. Thankfully being slightly genius and bringing an umbrella to protect the cameras from the rain that came; we were unswayed by the downshift in fortunes. This opened ample oppurtunities for my wife to bust a move with her macro lens. I will say, her skills are starting to take shape into something resembling actual skill, and not just luck anymore. Soon her limitations of equipment will stymy the growth of education and land her skill in a flatline of quality that can’t be improved until our bank account can swell. Until then, she is doing clever with what we have, and my pride swells at her accomplishments.



As far as picnicing goes; Kanaskat has two seperate areas, and we almost overlooked the second. This second area sits right at a U-shaped bend in the river. This is the defining moment for this state park. It is gorgeous. No doubt this is an awesome place in summer time to hang out. Sadly for us, the rain had picked back up, and I wasn’t able to get a great picture out of the spot; I may revisit this just to get the picture I wanted.


Conclusion: 3 out of 5. We were blessed to be there with only about 10 other people in the area, and that, with the rain, just felt amazing. However, there is no doubt that with a hot summer day this place will be packed and it will feel VERY cramped. Also with Flaming Geyser State Park not far away this will not be the prime place in this area. Picnic zones are nice here, but there isn’t room to stretch your arms, even if it is private. You must like the forest if you’re going to be here.


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