Fort Worden State Park

I’ll admit it. My wife and I are actually scouting the state for places we can escape to in the event of a zombie apocalypse. And we may have been successful in that endeavor with our visit to Fort Worden State Park. What a wonderfully different location than the places we have been so far. It truly has something for everyone; from panning vistas of the Puget Sound, to sandy rugged beaches, to huge grassy landscapes, to camping, to exploration… I really could keep going, but I think you’d get bored with a list of its features. Let’s delve deeper into the site and see what I can show you through the lens of my camera. Now this is only seven pictures, and I took hundreds here. It is a dream come true to those who love black and white; and I’m the leading sucker in the category.


I mentioned beaches and vistas in my list, and there is definitely no shortage of places to stop and soak the scenery up. First you should know you’re basically on a peninsula jutting into the Puget Sound, so you have a near full surrounding of panoramic awesomeness. Top that off with the fact you’re on top of a hill. It’s simple to understand why the military placed this fort here. And exactly why I will be fleeing to this location when the face eating flesh walkers come my way.


Now let’s talk about the battle fort itself. You do have to hike to it, but it’s a rather leisurely hike on a blocked off road. It is worth the small amounts of effort required to reach the “summit”. It’s a hill, not a mountain, so summit might be stretching it for a descriptive reference. None the less it leads to the crown jewel of this state park. A pile of concrete decaying into modern works of art.

I’ll explain that in a minute; but here is the fortress that the survivors will hold up in while the warriors are out fighting the hordes of hordes. Also you should know that there are multiple areas to visit, this is just a small piece of the pie. Removing those that are disrupting the peace to their own designated area shouldn’t be a problem.


Alright, about the modern art. Thankfully there has been many artist here who have visited the fort. They have spruced up the walls with living color; and profanity, which I decided I wouldn’t share with you, simply because I don’t want to the spoil the surprise if you visit this place yourself. Some though do stand out as interesting and mind-boggling. I can’t say I’m in full appreciation of them defacing such a place. However, if something intrigues me I can’t help but clap my hands to their efforts to appease those they will never see enjoy their art. Although I don’t think they are really trying to impress anyone; you be the judge.


Beware of Kong. As he may be lurking in the shadows. Thankfully, again, the artists have given us a glimpse of what to look for.


And the last thing to show you, is this boat that is down by the beach on the way to the lighthouse. It has been there for countless ages, and no one will remove it because the person had their name put on it. It stands to reason everyone is just waiting for him to come back and claim his boat and remove it from the premises. Or maybe someone is saving this for a quick get away from the zombies when they come. Either way, stop marvel, and take a picture.


Conclusion of the matter. Easy to give this 5 out of 5 stars. It truly was one of our best visits yet, and you don’t need to be a diehard hiker to enjoy it. Just go and be happy, and take in the sites, and snicker that you have indeed found a place of refuge if indeed the T-virus escapes the Umbrella Corp.