Lincoln Rock State Park

Near the middle of Washington State stands the strangest rock that may just prove that Abraham Lincoln was destined to do great things. This rock was clearly there well before the man made his mark on history as one of the true great Americans, and is now a reminder for those that visit this pristine little park near Wenatchee. When we arrived at the park I didn’t give much thought to the name. I just figured it another generic name placeholder. As we wandered through the park my mind said, “I wonder if there really is a rock that looks like Lincoln around here.” I started to look at the surrounding landscape. POW! There is was, it is almost impossible to miss if you are infact looking for it. On the flip side, if you don’t have a brain to make you think things like this, you’ll probably never see it. Except that in the parking lot is a huge memorial telling you were to look. I didn’t need this sign to discover it. Call it genius, or dumb luck, but there it was in all it’s splendor.


Obviously this picture is tiny, and probably with squinting eyes is the only way you’ll really get a view of it. I do recommend you visit and see this natural wonder for yourself. Of course, if Lincoln hadn’t become famous this rock would be just that. A Rock. Now lets discuss what else can be found in this “monumental” park. This place has just about everything you can imagine. From Swimming to Soccer. Sprawling sports fields are all over this park. Basketball, tennis, baseball diamonds; the only thing it lacks that may hold this park down is it doesn’t have a cycling race course.


The Swimming area is sublime. With a massive concave of concrete with steps to the water, it almost makes you feel as though maybe you’re entering the tranquil Pool of Bethesda. Well, we don’t know if the pool of Bethesda was tranquil, but it may have had an epic entry like this one nonetheless.



The usual suspects were about. As if spies from the above world, they watched us. Chirping codes of our whereabouts to others. They were seemingly fearless, as this one character allowed us to get about ten feet from her before she flew away. Others were bombarding the picnic areas. Scavenging like tiny vultures, the droppings of human wastefulness. Maybe it is an advanced litter patrol employed by the state. We may never know where our taxes are really going, bird litter patrol seems feasible enough to me.


The last thing needing mention is that, yes, this is on the river. It is useable for boats and swimmers alike. Also you will be treated to the wonders of open space landscapes and huge power lines. It’s breathless and barren all at the same time. Take a moment to soak it up, both literally, and visually. The river seemed to have very few boats in the area too, so plenty of room for yourself.



Conclusion of the matter: 4 out of 5 for sure here. It caters to every need a human can desire, but lacks that special statement of amazing. The Lincoln Rock may be unique and interesting, but that feeling won’t last. This park will come down to whether or not you have an active lifestyle. Absolutely worth a visit, and if you have a boat, kids, a family get together, this place will be just perfect for that. As for the awe-inspiring location of “must visit,” maybe not so much.