Westhaven State Park

Oh snap… It’s been borderline forever since my last update, but I have returned with a slew of new parks to titillate your senses with. Winter and money played a factor in our inability to increase this blog. This is a half truth, as I had about three parks from last year that I never got around to writing. Good I’ve cleared the air and now you know just how honest I am, but you are here for a park review, not a selfish rant of my integrity.

Westhaven State Park is a beach; there is sand, water, and sometimes a glimpse of sunshine. It should be noted off the top that this is a day use only park, so don’t bring your tent and expect to stay. Unless you are like me; I brought my tent so I could set it up and stay out of the wind. Which was quite genius. Although many people pointed and giggled at me for this. It also doubled as an epic hiding place while I took ever increasingly awesome pictures of people utilizing beach space in fantastic ways.

Dog Throw

Long Walks on the Beach

People walk along the beach, and play fetch with their dogs. If you squint your eyes you can see kite surfers in the above pictures. Also there is a plethora of “normal” surfers that use this break for riding too. This is because of the jetty that separates Westport and Ocean Shores and keeps the tsunami size waves from breaching into Grays Harbor. You won’t be riding ten foot wave wonders, but I’d imagine this is more of a beginners zone.

What else can you do at Westhaven? The Boardwalk is what. It connects from Westport Light State Park (just a lighthouse, I’ll review that later) all the way to Westport. It is a couple of miles long, and ofcourse the views are just sweepingly large in scale. Thankfully they put benches in so you can rest your feet. Also it is paved! This means bring your rollerblades and remember the glory days of the 90’s.


Let’s get down to the crutch of what you want to find. Assuming there isn’t a raging storm after I post this; seek out the Raging Bull. Some master craftsman of imagination has put the most intriguing thing on this beach. It is a sculpture of a bull out of a tree stump. I actually missed it walking down the beach, but thankfully witnessed it’s grandeur on my return walk back to the wife.

Raging Bull

Honestly that really sums up this beach. It comes down to your needs in a beach. This so far has been one of the busiest places for a human headcount, but there seemed to be enough space for all surfers, kite surfers, and beach wanderers. I do recommend staying for sunsets here, as I’ve witnessed several amazing ones here.

Surf Sunset

Conclusion of the matter: I’d say 4 out of 5 Stars. It caters to everything outside of your need to drive on the beach (there are several beaches close by for that.) This park is rather large, and as I mentioned, you won’t feel cramped on this beach at all. The jetty is also nice to look at; incase you aren’t interested in a 100% view of oceanscape. Boats and large tanker ships come into the harbor as well, helping make the scenery more interesting.