Westport Light State Park

Wesport Light State Park is just a happy walk south of Westhaven State Park, so if you visit one, you should likely visit the other.

WAIT! you say… it’s been near 3 years since your last update and then you start out without even giving so much as an explanation?!!?!?!?

Answer: Money/Life/Priorities/Choices.

Okay, so moving on. It is really a blissful jaunt to get from one park to the other, and on a paved path no less. This means you can rollerblade (as if anyone really still does that right?), bike, or just be generally happy that you are not getting sand in your shoes due to your sand phobia.


This walk is actually not in the registered state park land, but it may as well be since you can’t tell difference. The real reason you want to come to Westport Light though; is because of the proclaimed “Tallest Lighthouse in Washington.” Which will instantly confuse you; since it is about 0.5 miles from the beach itself, but none the less its worth checking out.


There was a small fee for entering it and being allowed to kill your thighs and travel to the top of it. However, it has lots of character and will brighten your dull day once you stop and admire the details of the construction. Along the path to the top they have pictures that tell the story of the lighthouse, and give reasoning’s as to why the beach has moved itself farther out into the sea (I’m sure you’re relieved to know the lighthouse didn’t move itself, or that by the off chance was a poor decision by someone who doesn’t understand the purposeĀ  of a lighthouse.)

Back to the shiny details of the innards. They are intricate and well planned, and made for some great and unique pictures.



Once you’ve managed to get yourself to the peak of this towering concrete cylinder, you’ll find a decent view of the surroundings, but honestly the inside has a bit more charm. It should be noted that we did get there on a pretty cloudy type day, so our view was slightly limited.

Also for the sake of this being a “review” blog there is a picnic area at the parking lot for those who feel they need such accommodations to find their inner peace.


Conclusion of the matter: 3 out of 5 Stars. It makes a decent stop if you’re in the area, and it’s a bit off putting to have to pay to go up the lighthouse, even if it’s understandable. But in the end it has great beach access and that is likely the real reason you strapped yourself in your car and headed west anyways.