Leadbetter State Park

Oh man, I went back through my old park folders seeing how bad I had failed to finish this blog and I opened up the pictures to this deadbeat state park and it almost brought the nightmares back. This image should sum it up pretty well.


That bad? really, you ask? Lets start from the parking lot that was just bubbling with excitement and overflowing with visitors. Now there is the off chance that we did visit during the off season (if May is the off season) so there could be reasons why it wasn’t full of people… or had been on the State Parks list to clean up for summer.


But less people should be the delight of an adventurer, so what made this such a poor experience. One word: Mosquitos!!!! We got bombarded a bit in the parking lot, but not so many you couldn’t deal with it.

Second not fun thing was there are basically three trails from the parking lot, not very well marked. We started down one and within about an hundred feet it dead ended. So back to the parking lot we went, and decided we must just head in the complete opposite direction to find the fruitful success we desired.


It started open and pretty, but the nagging mosquitos started to intensify. I can’t recall how far the beach was supposed to be from the parking lot, but something just over a mile. Certainly you can endure anything for just one mile, right? We pressed on determined to make the best of our decision.

Soon claustrophobia started to set in as the trail started to not be up kept. Top it off the rain started to kick in, and we weren’t really prepared for the moisture. We also came across several very large swampy sections of the trail that we managed to skirt pass without death, but it was closer than I want to think about.


By then the mosquitos made it impossible to stop. My woman patrolled the rear exit and examined that I had about 50 blood suckers on my hood at any given moment. I’m a stubborn man and we did press for a good 45 minutes before even I couldn’t handle it anymore; my wife was pretty much over it in about 5 minutes, so kudos to her for sucking it up for a bit.

We turned around and made extraordinary time back to the parking lot. My woman needed to restroom so I decided I’d go ahead and check the last trail, because why not, right?

Not even a two minute walk down the third trail this beautiful beach appeared. But it didn’t matter, my hatred for this state park was set in concrete and I wasn’t about to jackhammer some happiness out of it. I took the necessary picture and headed back to the parking lot and we sped away at unconventional speeds to put this nasty place behind us.


Conclusion of the matter: 2 out of 5 stars. Two stars you wonder! how can that experience get you more than one star!? The second beach was gorgeous and I have a feeling that summer time it wouldn’t be this disgusting, but honestly I’ll never bother going back to this place. And there is still one place we have been that has the glory of 1 out of 5 stars… whether I get around to sharing that is dependent on my will to relive it.


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