The Project – State Parks

State Parks… You drive by the ugly brown signs on the freeway never really giving them a second thought do you? They are just ominous plots of land wasting space and possibly more importantly wasting your tax dollars since you never go to them. Here is the new question you might want to ask yourself: would it even be worth my time to check State Parks out? That is the reason for this blog; to give to you insight at what may or may not be worth your time.

I’m not entirely sure how the idea came into my mind. Either it was during a particularly dull pass through cyberspace or a definitive idea to do something grand in my life. Doesn’t really matter though. The idea has been put into action and my wife and I are slowly piecing together epic journeys of gas guzzling proportions. Maybe it was the fact I recently had to pay thirty dollars for a year pass just to get into to them; and now I’m desperately trying to get my money’s worth. I mean if they want to charge you a special pass for entry, then certainly its gotta be worth your time… right?

That is the quest for my wife and I. To visit every State Park in Washington State. (The island ones may never happen, but all other ones are fair game.) And consider yourself cordially invited to waste ample amounts of time reading and browsing our journey. Remember, the journey is good… but the destination better.



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